Education & Training

To maintain a solid AML/KYC framework within your organisation, training and education is essential.

The most difficult part of AML/KYC is the fact that laws and regulations are not black and white. It’s all about interpretation. Therefore, you need knowledgeable and experienced people. The risk of working without these people is simply too high.

A huge amount of time would have to be invested into setting up a comprehensive training portfolio, plus there would have to be experts within your organisation, not only with knowledge of the domain at expert level, but also with the skills to educate people. This can become a very costly process.

The BlueMonks Academy

We have set up an internal BlueMonks Academy to train our own resources and prepare them for the market. Part of our internal training portfolio is also used for external client training courses. The BlueMonks Academy is a combined environment with an offline classroom training portfolio, as well as an online individual training portfolio.

The BlueMonks Academy decided the experience gained internally to also offer our clients a training portfolio.

Inhouse- and online

The benefit of there being two training portfolios is that there is a seamless interface between the two. Using our online platform, we can provide training in basic knowledge and basic laws and regulations. We can validate the level of knowledge through pre- and post-training testing.

Once a certain level of knowledge has been validated, we can organise classroom-based training with a greater focus on interpretation, using case studies and encouraging discussion.

Our training portfolio

We work on our training portfolio every day, so that we can offer an increasingly extensive portfolio.

Our portfolio currently includes: Dutch Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing (Prevention) Act (WWFT) training, AML training (basic), AML training (advanced), Integrity Risk awareness training, SIRA training but more will be offered at a later stage.

Customised training

As different organisations have different training requirements, all of our training courses comprise modular building blocks, enabling training to be customised to your needs.


We are working with skilled trainers with many years of experience in training. They know how to educate people. They are able to educate people about laws and regulations in a way that these people will not only be able to formulate rules, but also understand how to interpret them in combination with other applicable rules.

Train the trainers

If you would like to develop your own training portfolio, maintain it within your organisation and have your own trainers providing training, BlueMonks can help you to implement this. We do this through roll-out of our ‘train the trainers’ programme. This includes material sharing, knowledge sharing, reviewing, and coaching.

  • Online platform available

  • Skilled trainers

  • Extensive and growing training platform

  • Testing & certification

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