FEC Interim Management

Local regulations and legislation change continually. Your organisation is therefore under constant pressure as it has to find solutions for and implement these changes within a ‘business-as-usual’ environment.

Under the guidance of hands-on senior executives, the FEC Interim Management professionals at BlueMonks can ensure the success of the change or implementation phase and lower the pressure on your existing organisation.

FEC Interim management lifecycle

Every job we are tasked with and every situation is unique. The different phases of the ‘Interim management lifecycle’ shown below are a typical example of how our executives approach an assignment, diagnose and implement the solution, and finally exit the assignment.

Interim management lifecycle; 1. Entry, 2. Diagnosis, 3. Proposal, 4. Implementation, 5. Exit.

As the project involves different stages, the early phases require the broad scope of skills of our executives, such as consultancy skills, with project management skills being imperative for the final phases. Our interim managers are experienced executives and they have what it takes to support the full Interim Management Lifecycle, therefore our solution will be fully supported and embedded within your organisation and with all stakeholders.

When is Interim Management Required?

When your organisation is in need of a short-term solution, which requires skills and specialisms that are not available within your own organisation, for example during a crisis, the departure of an executive, a management change or transition or project management, BlueMonks can support you with the temporary support of our highly qualified executives

What can BlueMonks do for you?

BlueMonks will help you to resolve critical business challenges with seasoned financial crime experts and regulatory compliance executives. When you have a critical, time-sensitive business challenge and lack the appropriate internal resources, our experienced interim managers may provide an answer.

All of our interim executives have many years of relevant experience in a variety of international organisations. BlueMonks brings the experience and expertise required to successfully deliver major change management programmes. From major financial crime analytics solution implementations, to right-shoring financial crime functions and institutionalising changes across global organisations, our consultants have “been there and done it”.

  • Critical business challenges

  • Interim management

  • Short term solutions

  • Qualified executives

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