How we work

The BlueMonk approach..

We are not here to simply provide solutions based on our extensive knowledge and experience. BlueMonks wants to be your end-to-end business partner in the domain of financial and economic crime (FEC). We focus on the upgrade or total implementation of your FEC framework. BlueMonks is here to support you. It would be great to meet you to investigate how we can support you in your journey to becoming and remaining compliant with local, regional and global regulations.

We can, of course, also help to upgrade parts of your framework such as participating in your SIRA, taking care of your CDD file remediation, or simply acting as an external individual Quality Assurance party.

BlueMonks is flexible and our past experience with FEC framework implementation and the establishment of BAU organisations enables us to help you deliberate. We can support you from the start to the end of a process, or simply with a small part of that process.

Project Implementation

4 steps to succes

We like to take a pro-active and responsible approach. We make sure that larger implementation projects have a solid foundation and we create that foundation through a project definition study (PDS). The PDS ensures that all parties are aware what is expected from them, which saves a lot of discussion and time later on in the process. Any questions? look at our FAQ overview or you can always contact us

01. Project Definition Study

The study helps to define, scope out, plan and impact the work involved.

02. Project plan

After acceptance of the PDS, we turn this into a detailed project plan.

03. Implementation

We execute the project plan, and report on progress, quality, risks and issues on a regular basis.

04. Support

BlueMonks offer multiple support agreements to deliver aftercare following successful project implementation.

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We are working for...

Small, Medium and Large companies..

Our Passion is the sector we work in...

BlueMonks does not primarily focus on Europe’s TIER-1 banks. We like to share our knowledge and experience with companies that are contending with rules and regulations relating to Financial and Economic Crime.

These companies include:

  • Estate Agents
  • Notaries
  • Accountants
  • Insurance Companies
  • Banks
  • Etc.
Small companies
Medium Companies
Large Companies

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