Our Story

A good idea became a plan, the plan became a company!

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The Idea…

With the belief that each and every person has his own qualities, expertise and character, three people with very different qualities, expertise and characters decided that traditions are there to be followed, but also to be challenged and refreshed.

In the traditional Financial sector, many organisations promise the world, but deliver a province. BlueMonks was born from the idea of not being dependent on those parties, but being able to change and actually deliver that world, focussing on organisations that are open to change. With its hands-on and direct approach, it enables goals to be met and it helps to futureproof these organisations. BlueMonks is a no-nonsense, hands-on service provider that knows what it is doing and how to succeed.


We chose BlueMonks as the company name. Why? Because we believe that our fight against money launderers, terrorist financiers and other (financial) criminals should be a peaceful one, with knowledge as our ‘weapon of choice’. BlueMonks supports financial institutions, governments and semi-governments, FinTechs and other companies that are covered by legislation and we make them stronger by giving them knowledge and skills. We see orselves as Monks, wise and peaceful and we emphasise this by using the colour Blue, as blue stands for trust, clear communication and reliability. Hence the name BlueMonks.

We provide expertise. We provide wisdom. We are BlueMonks.

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BlueMonks can implement or update your framework.

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The pieces of the puzzle came together

BlueMonks was established in May 2020. We brought together the right ideas, the right people and the right expertise and together we set off on the BlueMonks journey. We are convinced that the market needs a one-stop-shop service provider in the domain of Financial and Economic Crime. BlueMonks can help companies to comply with AML rules and regulations.

We are here for you!